Why do the wipers automatically turn on and swing violently when an accident occurs?

Have you ever noticed that the car wipers will automatically activate whenever the vehicle has a serious collision accident?


Many people think that when an accident happened, the driver bumped his arms and legs in a panic and touched the wiper blade, which caused the wiper to turn on, but this is not the case at all.


In fact, this is because the windshield wiper is also a part of the driving safety system. Like the hazard lights, some vehicles will trigger an emergency brake alarm when the emergency brake is applied, and the hazard lights will flash quickly.


The same is true for the wiper. When the vehicle collides and the ECU loses control over the wiper, the wiper will automatically turn on the maximum gear according to the set procedure.


At the beginning of the design, the wiper is controlled by two separate systems.


One system let us use the wipers to clean the windshield normally. Another system is for safety considerations. In the event of an emergency, as a severe collision, there may be liquid or sand on the windshield that may affect the line of sight.


At this time, the program will make the wiper run at the fastest speed to quickly remove them, and give the driver a good vision, to increase the chance of escape and self-rescue, and minimize casualties.


Therefore, we should use high-quality wipers because it is an important accessory in driving safety!

Post time: Oct-13-2023