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Designed with advanced technology ensures the clear vision to create a safer driving. This multifunctional beam wiper blades adopts wear-resistance TPR spoiler, 13 POM adapters to fit for 99% cars in the market, aging-resistance rubber and deflector design to make the wiper fitting for the high speed driving. All the efforts from us are aiming to let every driver have a good-feeling traveling on the road.
Type: Multifunctional Beam Wiper Blades
Driving: Left and right hand driving
Adapter: POM Adapters fit for 99% cars
Applicable Temperature: -40℃- 80℃
Warranty: 12 months
Material: 13 POM Adapters, TPR Spoiler, SK5 Spring Steel, Natural Rubber Refill
OEM/ODM: Welcome
Place of Origin: China Multifunctional Beam Wiper Blades Supplier
Certification: ISO9001 & IATF16949

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Part 1: Product Detail Presentation:

multifunctional wiper

1.Very quick and easy replacement-5seconds install.
2.Suitable for all weather and all season.
3.Teflon coating for rubber refill- quiet wiping.

Part 2: Quality Control Team Introduction:

The basic literacy requirements of our QC team member are as follows:

1. Adhere to the principles
2. Seek the truth from facts, deal with issues fairly and justly
3. Good at summarizing and statistics
4. The ability to pursue sth back to its origins

Our QC team have received professional training. They should be trained for one week when they enter the job, including the models of various wiper blades, the difference item of different materials, different production process, different requirements, and the inspection details that should be paid attention too; Orders from different customers also have different packaging requirements. They check in each production links and packaging links.

QC team have strict requirements, each member should be responsible for the order.They are trustworthy.They are professional.
Part 3: Size Range
wiper blade

Part 4:Strict sampling standards before shipment
Do you know why the quality of SO GOOD’s multifunctional beam wiper blades received by our customers has been very stable and very good?

Because we have very strict sampling standards before shipment, as shown in the following:

1.Inspection during production
The inspection in the production process is very comprehensive and strict, mainly for the inspection of special configuration requirements, appearance quality, the wiper structure, inner and outer packaging,wiping performance and the test of elastic pressure, salt spray,and high and low temperature, etc…

2.Wiping effect test of finished wiper blade:
Take 1 windshield wiper from each carton for testing. If it is a defective product, we will take another 3 pcs for testing. If there are still defective products, a full inspection will be carried out.

Your goods and investments are very safe and worthwhile.

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