SG701S soft wiper blade vendor design

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Our premium soft wiper blade SG701s can effectively remove dirt and water from your windshield for clear visibility. Our advantages include long service life, noise reduction, and easy installation.

As a soft wiper blade vendor with over 19 years experience, you can trust us to deliver reliable and efficient performance wipers to you.


Item NO.: SG701S

Type: Soft wiper blade vendor hot sale design

Driving: Left-hand and right-hand driving

Adapter: 14 POM Adapters fit for 99% car models

Size: 12’’-28’’

Warranty: 12 months

Material: POM, PVC, Zinc-alloy, Sk6, Natural rubber refill

OEM: Acceptable

Certification: ISO9001 & IATF16949

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wiper blade

Product Advantage:

1.Easy to fitting–5 seconds to install.

2.Fit for all weather performance.

3.High quality rubber for quiet and effective wiping and Teflon Coating-Quieter performance.

4.Fit for 99% American, European and Asian vehicles.

5.The aerodynamic design make the wiper fit for the high speed driving.

6.Multi-Adapters: New, clever adapter system Innovative system adapters, straightforward and fast coverage for new vehicle models.


Advance testing equipment of soft wiper blade vendor:

1.Corrosion resistance, tested by salt spray for 72 hours

2.Oil and solvent resistance

3.Excellent high and low temperature resistance (-40℃~80℃)

4.Good UV resistance, tested by ozone testing machine for 72 hours

5.Folding and stretching resistance


7.Good scraping performance, clean, streak-free, quiet

wiper blade professional testing equipments

Quality is critical to the success to a soft wiper blade vendor. It ensures that products function as expected and meet or exceed customer expectations.


High-quality products can gain a competitive advantage, earn customer loyalty and enhance brand reputation. On the other hand, low-quality products can lead to customer complaints, returns, and bad reviews.


Implement quality management throughout the product lifecycle to ensure products meet required standards and customer needs, driving product demand and company development.


Quality must be a top priority throughout the product lifecycle to ensure it meets required standards and exceeds customer expectations, driving product demand and business growth.


Product Catalog Range:

 SG708s wiper 3

As the industry’s leading of soft wiper blades vendor to the automotive aftermarket, our products offer superior performance, durability and noise reduction.


Our premium materials provide superior cleaning to keep your windshield crystal clear even in the harshest weather conditions. The innovative designs make installation quick and easy, saving our customers around the world time and money.


Trust us to be your go-to source for reliable, long-lasting windshield wipers that will keep your vehicle safe and ready for the road.


With our soft wiper blades, you can enjoy a safer and more efficient drive no matter the weather.



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