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Model NO.: SG511

Wiper blades allow the driver to see the world outside the window clearly, and accompany you home comfortably and safely. The universal wiper can fit 99% vehicle, it’s necessary to buy it from professional universal flat wiper blades supplier. Driving in rainy and snowy weather provides a good line of sight is to protect your travel safety.  

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High Performance Fit: Unique multi-axis rolling metal compression spring bending process by professional universal flat wiper blades supplier, more than 50 pressure distribution fulcrum fitting design, the wiper and windshield fit better, and the pressure distribution is even.

Quieter rubber: Using natural rubber, teflon coating, The high-quality rubber fits closely, ensuring high-definition and quiet effects during use.

Streamlined deflector design: Effectively reduce the height of the wiper blade, beautiful and practical, at the same time, the wind noise can also be reduced a lot when driving at high speed.


Product Specification

Item: SG511


Type: Durable all season universal flat wiper blades supplier

Driving: Right & left hand driving.

Adapter: POM Adapters

Material: POM, PVC, Zinc-alloy, Sk6, Natural rubber refill

Warranty: 12 months

OEM/ODM: Welcome

Certification: ISO9001 & IATF16949

Place of Origin: China


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wiper blade


Testing Machines

Our quality control system is inseparable from professional equipment and experienced workers to test raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, and have standards for the product quality. Such as salt spray testing, UV testing, performance testing and etc.

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About Factory

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Xiamen So Good Auto Parts has more than 19 years experience in aftermarket industry, and is a professional vendor of windshield wiper blades, and our product line including full serious wiper blades, such as Universal flat wiper blades, Metal Wipers, Heavy Duty Wipers, Rear Wipers, Multifunctional Wipers, Hybrid Wipers, Special Wipers, Winter Wipers, and Heated Wipers, so we can meet wiper blade demands of the market worldwide.

We have a strong production capacity, sufficient output will enable us to provide customer with a stable supply. Professional workers, testing machines and quality system to protect good quality and on time delivery to our customers. Our own R&D Team to develop new wipers and improve wipers to meet customer demands.

With years of experience and a good reputation, we have more than 100 customers from all over the world. All of the cooperated customers are very satisfied SO GOOD premium-quality and service in China, we hope to be No. One in our customer!!!

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