High quality SO GOOD universal wiper blade

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Universal wiper blades are designed for a variety of vehicles for easy installation and high performance. They feature durable materials and effective cleaning to maintain visibility in all driving conditions. These blades provide a cost-effective solution for reliable and versatile windshield cleaning.


Item NO.: SG719

Type: High quality SO GOOD universal wiper blade

Driving: Right & left hand driving.

Adapter: POM Adapters fit for 99% car models

Size: 12”- 28”

Warranty: 12 months

Material: POM, PVC, Zinc-alloy, Sk6, Natural rubber refill

OEM: Welcome

Certification: ISO9001 & IATF16949



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Product Details

 1. Product Details

High quality universal wiper blade fit for 99% vehicles;

–User-friendly: easy to use and operate, even for novice drivers;

–Consistent wiping performance: provides consistent wiping performance throughout the life of the blade;

–All-weather performance: suitable for use in different weather conditions, including extreme cold and heat;

–Aerodynamic shape: designed to reduce wind resistance for smoother handling;

–Rubber refill: wear resistance and aging resistance Natural Rubber with Teflon coating;

–Multiple size options: available in multiple sizes to suit different vehicles.


Size Details

 2. Size Details

Main Production Steps Of Wiper Blade

The production process of universal wiper blade includes several steps: design, mold making, parts assembly, rubber strip coating, metal stamping and final inspection. Rubber strip coating is a critical step to ensure durability, while metal stamping ensures high-quality metal parts. Finally, a thorough inspection ensures the wipers meet the required standards before shipment.

 3. Main Production Steps Of Wiper Blade

With our modern facilities equipped with advanced machinery and equipment, we are able to produce large quantities of customized wiper blades at competitive prices. Our factory strictly adheres to international quality standards and conducts strict quality control inspections to ensure that our customers receive the best quality products.

About Factory

 4. About Factory

Xiamen So Good Auto Parts is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality wiper blades in China. Our product line including metal wiper, universal wiper blade, winter wiper blade, hybrid wiper blade and so on. Our factory has been producing reliable and durable wiper blades for the automotive industry for over 19 years.

As a professional wiper blade manufacturer, we have a wide range of wiper blades for different car models and brands. Our team of skilled engineers works tirelessly to develop innovative designs and technologies to enhance the performance of our products.

Through experience and innovation, our factory has managed to build a reputation for high-quality and reliable wiper blades. Our products are widely used in the automotive aftermarket and exported to countries all over the world.

At Xiamen So Good Auto Parts, we believe in building strong and lasting relationships with our customers and providing them with the best possible service. We are committed to delivering on our promises and meeting our customers’ expectations.

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