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SG703 features a totally new style and technology and is fast becoming the standard fit on new vehicles. It takes a Natural, soft rubber refill and can wipe clean. Flat design with precision tension, dual steel spring for uniform pressure, it is a good choice for your cars.


Item NO.: SG703

Type: China flat beam wiper blades factory

Driving: Left-hand and right-hand driving

Adapter: Total 9 POM Adapters fit for 99% car models

Size: 12’’-28’’

Warranty: 12 months

Material: POM, PVC, Zinc-alloy, Sk6, Natural rubber refill

OEM: Acceptable

Certification: ISO9001 & IATF16949

Product Detail

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Part 1: Product Advantage:

  1. Reduced friction and noise with Teflon coating natural rubber wiping edge.
  2. Aerodynamic wind spoiler improves airflow to create down force and prevent blade lift-off.
  3. Available in sizes from 12”–28”.
  4. Easy to fitting–5 seconds to install, and fit for all weather performance.
  5. Multi-Adapters: New, clever adapter system Innovative system adapters, straightforward and fast coverage for new vehicle models, such as Pin arm, Hook arm, Side lock, Pinch tab, Top lock, and so on.
  6. Fit for 99% American, European and Asian vehicles.

Part 2: Quality Control

As a China flat beam wiper blades factory, we are constantly improving the quality and productivity of our products, by using the latest and most powerful machines.

Quality is our life, we have professional machines and workers to test, including salt spray testing, UV testing, O-zone testing, performance testing and etc.

We have a complete testing process from raw materials to finished products, and have standards for product quality.

China flat beam wiper blades factory testing-1

China flat beam wiper blades factory testing-2

Part 3: Warranty

All wipers from China flat beam wiper blades factory Xiamen So Good come with a one-year warranty. If the item becomes faulty, you can make a claim to us. Fair wear and tear and parts fitting incorrectly are not covered under this warranty.

From Raw materials to final inspection, So Good company always has a strict internal control system.

Part 4: Why choose us?

Xiamen So Good Company is a China flat beam wiper blades factory who has as over 19 years experience in this industry, we have over 40 professionals. At this moment, we have 9 series wiper blades and have our own R&D department to develop new design to catch the market requirements and make customization for different customers.

Besides, we are a certificated supplier with ISO and IATF, which is recognized standard China flat beam wiper blades factory.

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